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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why I Use Trail Cameras To Scout Deer Trails

Well bad news here in Kauai, first after retrieving the camera which was on a heavy trail for 2 weeks I got zero pics of deer. Turns out that pig hunters were also running dogs in the same area which moved the deer out.
To add insult to injury the weekend that I was picked to hunt was a total rain out. I don't mean a drizzel I mean downpours that you couldn't see 3 feet.

If anyone else out there has Hawaii hunting stories feel free to send me a note. Either at my site or to this blog.
On another note:
I have noticed a large surge in traffic from hunters looking for information
on " What to do if you don't see deer at your stand ?" Also "Will a ladder stand spook deer ?" Fron here on in I will answer questions to the hot search terms hunters are using to find my genuine hunting information.

I will answer the ladder question here. A few things come in to play when using a ladder stand. First it is obviously larger and easier to see. So I make sure to place the stand in the hunting area as early as possible for 3 specific reasons.

1. The longer it is setup the more accustomed the deer will become to seeing it and it won't gain unnecessary attention from deer while your in it. Granted you don't make any of the common mistakes tree stand hunters commit that are covered in my book.

2. Since assembly and setup take more time and hand contact with the stand. You need more time for your scent to disperse. You should also wear rubber gloves to avoid contaminating it with your scent more than needed. I like to give at least 2 weeks for it clear out. Your also need time for the floor of the woods to clear of your scent. So take all necessary precautions to avoid stinking up your area.

3. This is the main reason I don't use ladder stands, your stuck in one area which forces your to use the same tree day after day. This stinks up the area. Any buck worth his nose will avoid that area like the plague. The deer realizes that has a permanent scent that doesn't belong in the woods. To learn methods of scent control check out my site.

Well that's my 2 cents on whether ladder stands spook or scare deer. For more on how to choose a tree for your stand or how to save money on hunting gear. Check out my site

Happy Hunting,

Friday, September 28, 2007

Scouting New Area This Weekend Setting Up Trail Camera

Will be scouting a new are to hunt here on Kauai. I have never been to this spot before so I will be relying on some locals to atleast point me in the right direction. Will be putting in the digital trail camera to see if the activity is from bucks or pigs. Extensive coverage of camera usage in my book Deerseeker which is having a $2.95 trial offer right now. If it rains it is hard to tell the tracks apart. Since we have deer, goats and pigs in the same area.
I will post an update of what I find by monday. So stay tuned for the continuing adventures of my first buck season in Kauai.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Attention Hunting Season Special On My Ebook

Aloha, Fellow hunters in order to demonstrate to everyone the effectiveness of my ebook. I am having a first time promotion for a limited time. It's only $2.95 so now everyone can check it out and I still offer my 1oo% no questions asked guarantee. If you return it in the trial period you will not charged the balance just the initial $2.95.

So I hope everyone takes advantage of this offer and takes me up on my offer. I am trying to be as fair and honest as I can be. I want everyone to find a deer shoot it and send me the pics.

I love hearing from my readers so take me up on the offer and bag the monster buck that has been eluding you all those years.

Happy Hunting,

Cory German

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New warm weather hunting tactics

Hello fellow hunters, as a heads up to everyone I have recently moved to Hawaii because of my wifes career. Now before you ask Yes they do have deer here. In fact we have all kinds of strange critters since they were introduced and none of them are native.
We have Mouflon sheep, wild pigs like the ones you see on the show Lost. Black-tailed deer and mountain goats. All of which are open to hunting.
So as the season moves along I will post updates as to my successes and failures. I am now learning how to hunt deer when its 80 degrees and no snow. Also how the locals keep the flies off the meat and also keep it from spoiling in the heat. Some of the hunts are 2 days long in the canyon with no ice but the deer is still good when we get back home.
I will add a new chapter on this topic in my book which is being edited as we speak. Any one who gets a copy now will be eligible for the new copy free of charge.
Keep checking or link up the rss and keep up with the upcoming Hawaiian hunting adventures. I will also post some pics of the terrain. Talk about hiking I thought I was a good climber when I was in the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania. The volcano cliffs go straight up and down. Another reason I am glad I switched to rifle caliber pistol hunting. You need both your hands just to climb up and down the ravines.
Till next post, Happy Hunting

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Been a while I will be posting pics of readers soon

Sorry for the delay I have been dealing with alot of things that don't have anything to do with hunting. Its been sucking up all my time. I am waiting for some pics to come from succesful readers of my eBook I really want to show you guys that my system works for anybody not just me. I also want to thank my loyal subscribers for sticking with me through this dry spell of posting. I am planning on having my new book out this summer. It will be free to all current readers of the book. If you don't already have one get it now.
Since some of the info is for post season it will do you no good to read it in the fall when you haven't done your homework. Its been a succesful year over all for our family. Only one in our hunting group of 5 had to settle for just a doe and not a pair. How many people do you know with success like that. I will try to keep post more regularly up to the release of the new book.
Thanks again to all my reader.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Been Checking for Rublines and Scrapes

Now is the time to be checking for rublines and scrapes. You want to find where the deer are on a reglular basis not just walking through now and then. This is why just looking for tracks is a waste of time. One or two deer walking back and forth make alot of tracks that looks like a lot of deer when its really not.

You also have no way of knowing if its a buck or two does unless you have scrape or buck rub activity. For more indepth knowledge of scrapes and rubs and what they mean. Order a copy of Deerseeker and you wont be disappointed.

Keep checking back for more tips in the coming days .


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sorry for Lack of Posts But Back On Now.

Well my offline life has had some major changes that led to me being offline the entire summer. Well hopefully all you archers are out there looking for sign and following the lessons in my favorite ebook. it has everything needed to get your feet wet and gives you the fast track to getting in the woods and finding a deer as soon as possible.

There is also a newer site I found that has all kind of information from golf, fishing, healthcare for men and women, sports lessons like soccer and baseball. You should atleast check it out. It is called what have you got to lose?

Back to the bowhunting I will checking for rublines and places to place my camera to find out how big the bucks are on a certain run. I never sit in a tree without getting pictures first. The new version of should be out this fall so everone that has a copy or was thinking of getting a copy should order now because I know they are gonna give a free copy of volume 2 to all old and new subscribers. I don't know about you but I think that is a great deal.

Well gotta get going but I will be back on a regular posting schedule from here on out.